Rainbow Nowrouz Celebration @ RFSL Stockholm

Dharma & Martia @ RFSL Stockholm held the first ever Rainbow Nowrooz celebration at RFSL house. Many LGBTQI persons from Middle East attended this event.

The event was supported by RFSL Stockhlm board and board members of other organizations. Representatives of embassies and other officials briefly attended the event.

The joyful rainbow Nowrooz celebration was accompanied by live music and performances by different LGBTQI artisis, as well as toasts, remarks and of course, dance and persian food and pastries.

The celebration brough 7 sin to a community who mostly have left their home and family, hence should have celebrated Nowrooz alone otherwise.

Dharma & Martia was praised by RFSL Stockholm board for this initiative and invited to take this event on annual basis in the future.

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Nadia Zabehi

Technologist & Human Rights Activist