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Nowruz 1399 at Dharma & Martia & IHRCE

Throughout the years, Dharma and Martia have always been a pioneer in education, information, and activism, through objective and practical efforts for human, civil and civic rights, including LGBT rights.

At a time when the Persian-speaking community was confronting the disruption and divergence engineered to destroy any broad-based justice movement, Dharma and Martia, with empty hands and not great cooks, false promises, populist and corrupt figures held the first Rainbow Nowruz celebration at the personal expense and voluntary labor and no entrance fee to the public. And in this rainbow Nowruz celebration, non-homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders, or in other words non-rainbow Persian speakers, attended, sang and danced with us and celebrated Nowruz. Although our hearts and wings were broken .

And we were the first ones in the Persian and Middle Eastern community to hold a joint event with Amnesty international in a tent at 4Shanbe Soori, where we advocated for LGBT rights in the largest Persian event at the time, welcoming families and people of all walks to talk to us, learn, share and perhaps buy a gift as a donation to Amnesty International. They burnt our tent and took our innocent hardly alive bodies to torture but not our faith nor our trust could be demolished.

This year our only celebration to welcome the year 1399 in solar calendar, is to add 4shanbe Soori and Nowruz to Dharma & Martia’s Rainbow Calendar and that is due to the special conditions announced in previous releases by Dharma and Martia and the International Human Rights Center of Excellence. May the official national Persian calendar welcome & include the celebrations and memorials of all minorities and ethnicities, including sexual and gender minorities. And may this be the beginning of lovingly embracing Persian rainbow individuals and their rainbow loved one alongside Haft-Sine table, Sizdeh Bedar and other ancient occasions of our civilized mother land of Iran.

May the commence of the Persian new year, One thousand and Three hundred Ninety and Nine, be a new beginning and the continuation of the human epic movement.

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Nadia Zabehi

Technologist & Human Rights Activist